• What is the command to execute a Python program?
  • How do you create a multi-line comment?
  • Can comments go at the end of a line of code?
print('hello world')  # a print statement
  • What is the difference between an integer and a floating point?
  • What values can a boolean be?
  • What is the difference between "42" and 42?
  • How do operators relate to operands?
  • Write an expression that includes operator(s) and operand(s).
  • What are the rules for variable names and give 5 examples of valid variable names?
  • How can you turn a string into an integer?
  • What goes on the inside of an if condition (the part inside the parentheses)?
  • What programming construct could you use to do something different based on three possible values (i.e. small, medium, large)?
  • What is the difference between = and ==?
  • What does the variable pancakes hold after the following expression:
pancakes = 42
pancakes + 8
  • How do you clone a remote Git repository?
  • How do you change the current directory in the terminal?
  • How do you check the current status of your Git repository?
  • The following expression causes an error. How can you make it work?
print("I learned to ride a bike when I was " + 4 + " years old")

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