You have probably wanted to learn how to program so that you could optimize your life, right? After all, programming is about automation. TODO lists are a great way to ensure that you are getting things done. This assignment will have you implement a simple TODO list.



Fork the following repository and clone your copy.

TODO Lists

Open in your text editor.

I have provided a module, todo_helper that will give you the list of TODOs from a file and save them again to a file when you are done. The methods are get() and save(). There is also a function get_ch() that will read the user's input after a single character has been entered. This will be nice to use in the menu part of the program.



  • ask the user if they want to:
  • implement each of the above menu items using list operations (e.g. append(), pop(), general indexing my_list[index])


  • use a while loop to continue to show the menu after each command until q has been pressed (Hint: this should wrap just about all of your code)
  • use a for loop with the enumerate() function to print out all of the TODOs in the following format:
    0) play with glue
    1) sweep the windows
    2) run with scissors

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