• Why should we use functions in our programs?
  • True or False, the function below is incorrect because the variable name used within the function is different than the variable name defined outside.
def launch(item):
  print "item launched: %s" % item

missile = 'warhead'
  • True or False, even functions with no return statement return a value?
  • Write a function that combines two strings and returns the result.
  • How could you rewrite the following code using a function?
hole = None
if peg_type == 'round':
  print 'the type supplied is round'
  hole = 'round'
elif peg_type == 'square':
  print 'the type supplied is square' 
  hole = 'square'
  • True or False, when calling a function, the order in which you supply arguments (the values you are giving to the function in parentheses) is critical?
  • Give an example of overriding scope.
  • How can you recover from a fatal error on your program?
  • Give an example of handling an IndexError.
  • Why would we care to write our data to a file?
  • How can I open a file in read/write mode?
  • What would I do if I wanted to read a file one line at a time?

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