You have already written your first program but now you will write one that has a real-world application. The requirements for accomplishing this assignment will be given.


Fork the lesson one homework repository.

Lesson 1 Homework

Clone your remote repository (replacing reedcwilson with your username).

git clone

Change directories in your terminal to your newly cloned repository.

cd lesson1

Open the file in your text editor.


Write a program that receives the following inputs from the user:

  • the server's name
  • how much the meal cost
  • the tax rate as a floating point (e.g. 6.5)
  • the tip percent as an integer (e.g. 15 or 20)

Print out the following results:

  • The amount to tip
  • The total amount for the meal
  • A thank you for the server

Turn It In

When you are finished, stage your changes:

git add .

Then create a commit:

git commit -m "replace this string with your commit message"

Push your changes back to GitHub:

git push origin master

And, finally, email me the URL to your repository.


  • Remember that percentages are often represented as numbers like 6.5% but the real value is 0.065.
  • The user's input will always be a string. You will need to convert the user's numerical inputs into numbers.

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